The Colors of September...


It's getting close to Autumn by the calendar [here a change of seasons is quite a bit later in the year than most experience], and it's already past the midpoint of September!! Of course, I look forward to this time of year 'cause the humidity drops drastically from the summer months, and the nighttime and daytime temperatures are much more bearable  [We're not quite there yet, but soon will be!!] Out walking in the last couple of weeks, I took these photos: THE COLORS OF SEPTEMBER....

Take note: You may see the brown anole [lizard] and you may see a Wilson's Warbler in a couple of the photos in the entire post...can you spot them?


My two favorite sports teams, The Denver Broncos, and The Houston Astros made for a very enjoyable weekend this past week...The Broncos whipped the Dallas Cowboys 42-17!!! And, best of all, I got to watch the game on our big screen TV with the antenna on FOX!! Even with the weather delay of about an hour or so, the game was fun to watch...of course it would've been a disaster if the score was just the opposite. lol Then, The Astros clinched the AL West yesterday with the score 7-1 against the Mariners....the first time for them as members of the AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Exciting stuff!!

Images courtesy of Google Images


The past week, it's been hot, humid and absolutely break out in sweat kinda days!!! Step outdoors and clothes are soggy in no time! But, this morning, as I drove to North Padre Island, I was surprised there was wet freeway in spots here and there. There is predicted rainfall in our area for the next few days; intermittent which means just can be under blue sky and the next minute you're under a micro-burst! Which happened to me as I was driving home from my walk along the beach at Packery Channel. Speaking of Packery Channel [it's for small craft, not ships the size of tankers!]....from Hurricane Harvey back in August, the landscaping in this area has been changed drastically. I got pictures!! That'll probably be my NEXT blog entry. Stay tuned.

...and the active hurricanes out in the Atlantic hasn't slowed down any!!  Those residents on the Islands in the Caribbean Sea...I feel for them and hope they're spared any more terrific damages from Maria.