“A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard...
Why can't we all be like that bird?”
― Edward Hersey Richards

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This and That...

...Walking in the Sunshine...

It's a bit difficult to fathom that next Tuesday it'll be the first of August already! So, this week, I registered myself to participate in the city's 5K Heart Walk! It will take place in October, giving me time to raise the funds I pledged. AND, it'll be a lot cooler in that month. [Hopefully, drier also, but it's STILL hurricane season, so anything's possible].  I decided to join as an individual so not to disappoint any company's team if for some reason I need to drop out while participating or not show up at all.  It will give me a lot more peace of mind to do it this way.

Heart Walk Image created by me with use of free clipart

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...Copyright Issues...

Once again, I was compelled this week to take down an image I shared to add more layered text on a photo and then republish the 'newer' version Wednesday. A gal that left a comment actually posted in her comment that she'd take my image, of which I took a screenshot. My question is, if it's not from a free site, or listed in Google searches that have no copyright issue for fair use [an act that allows use of images for educational purposes], "Why do they think that special photos of a private collection is free to steal and 'replicate' as she stated?"  They're ALL protected under the copyright laws.   On my sidebar I have a 'copyrighted' graphic which implies all my photos are protected by that very law.   Anyone should either ask permission for use, or check the site for any disclaimers.  For instance, with a whole slew of my own images I'm using for a project, I emailed the site's owner and asked if it was feasible I use their filter for purposes that will have my images and their filter published....I got a reply  It's ALWAYS best to ask first before any legal action is taken.  Also, if you DO use some image from an online site...ALWAYS give credit where credit is due somewhere on your website, never claim the borrowed image is yours.

The screenshot I saved for reference...

and then, my email with privacy editing

On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 8:57 PM, Anni wrote:

Date: 06/07/2017 20:57:53
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I have a couple of photos of my own [taken by me, off my camera], and I would like to use one of your free filters [oil painting] and then put this in a publication. I know I have the copyright of the image, but do I have the right to have your filter used and still not infringe on YOUR rights as a website?

Thanks in advance, Anni

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Re: [US][DESKTOP] I have a couple of photos of my own...
Friday, July 7, 2017 6:19 AM

"Support Team"
email omitted.com

Many thanks for your message and taking interest in private website. For simple effects like filters you do not require any permissions from us.

Kind regards,
name withheld

Support Team

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...Houston, We have a Problem!!...

The Astros?!!  What happened?!!!  For the entire 2017 season, you've been on the TOP throughout the entire baseball leagues [higher batting averages of BOTH American and National].  Now, you're falling...Dodgers have over-run your standings.  Come on...don't strike out!!  Get your mojo working again and win, win, win!!  I haven't 'talked' much of the game here of late, but still...I ♥ Baseball!!

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...Whitecap Beach Cuteness...

As I walked the beach, I came up on a family out enjoying the surf. I asked the parents for permission to take a few photos of their daughter. I couldn't resist the sweet innocence of her expressions and the perfect beach gear for her!!

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After taking day trips around the area and visiting a few historical sites, I have been in search of some historical books on the 'fathers' of Texas. I just found a short biography of Stephen Austin. I've read a few chapters and am enjoying the story...from childhood to his college days so far. Interesting to learn about him, and now know the reason why the state's capital city is named after him. Also found, one I've been looking for at the used bookstore for nearly a decade, is "Sahara".  A book that is out of circulation, published in 1995. Why? Well, one of my favorite action movies is of the same title, based on the novel. I want to compare the movie with the book...I know the book will be different than the movie, hopefully explaining one thing mostly...how and where did the wrecked plane come from they find in the desert! lol To be read after the bio on Austin! 

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...A little Comedy Relief...